Hey everyone.

It’s been a looooooooooong time… How have you been? Still traveling the world, currently doing a dive master course, but I had some time to work on something new… well…. old AND new. I’m redoing MTI_stickman. The reason for that is that he is still very popular and gets downloaded a lot, but well honestly, he’s the only character that still makes me some money every now and then, and someone asked me to do a 2.5 version.

So coming soon: an old character with a shiny new rig. Same features as before, but more features to go along it, smoother bending in the joints, some more options like control the bendyness of the character without having to use all the tiny little cubes. You can still use these by the way. I came to call those the “freestretch system”. Some things have been simplified, and you have a nice rig menu where you can find everything.

Here are some images and a youtube video:

Looks about the same, handles a lot better.

Here are the work-in-progress colours.

Just starting to take shape.

And he needs a new logo.


White Nelb released.


Or in other words, I redid the bone groups afterall.

Have a look, he is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

Creative Commons License

Go download him in the download area.


White Nelb

Yes that’s right, White Nelb.

Blendie reloaded isn’t much of a name, and I liked White Nelb, so that’s what I’m gonna call him. It’s a tribute/spinoff from Daniel Martinez Lara’s “Red Nelb” character for blender (link). The head looks kinda alike, and I liked the idea of there being more than one Nelb.

I’ve kinda finished the test animation. No real bugs found, but I did rotate and roll a few bones because I think their axis make more sense that way… Going to create the manual next, even though it doesn’t really need one.

Have a look, hope you like im, and he’ll be coming to a town near you in the next few days… Well kinda…without the town thing…

youtube: link

vimeo: link

Blendie reloaded again. wanna get it done.

And the rig is, actually. I’m pretty sure it’s finished, tried a new colorscheme for the controls, leftside/rightside/center. But didn’t like it, so I went back to main/secondary/FK. I’ve fixed a small bug that would’ve caused the elbow and knee joints to not have the right orientation when both the sliders for stretch and FK where enabled. And I started the test animation. I have about 17 seconds of blendie (I’ll rename him when I release him) making his way through a parkours. So far the rig works really great.

Since yesterday, I really wanna get stuff done. And I want it done yesterday. I hope this won’t take long. I’m not gonna cut ends just to get there though. Animation>potential bugfixes>documentation>release.


And the 2 different color schemes, the one on the right made the cut. Maybe if some people scream hard enough I’ll still change it:

Blendie REdesignANDrig04


not enough material to justify a new post, but I wanted to post it anyway. Spend most time outside today, but I finished a walljump and he’s starting to run towards another obstacle. Backflip image just for the heck of it:


Blendie reloaded.

Some time ago, a guy named der|kunstler created a character rig for blender, named Blendie.

here’s a link to the release thread.

It was a funny character, but there were a lot of issues with both the model and the rig. The character model was composed of various objects with random scale, rotation, location values and object centers(pivot points). The rig, aside from having cyclic dependancies and a number of bugs, also suffered from the weird origin issue. You could not reset (clear) the user transformations without the character and/or rig jumping all over the place.

There was a thread over at blenderartists about rigging techniques that made me look the character up again. And I’ve been recreating the character and made a completely new rig to suit it. I have the original creator’s permission, and I’ll release him under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported¬† link. The rig itself is done, but I like to create a small animation and write some documentation before I release him.

So coming soon: Blendie reloaded!

Blendie REdesignANDrig03

Blendie REdesignANDrig01

Demoreel thingy

Okay, I’ve been collecting some of my work, and I made a demoreel out of it. Twas fun to dig through the old stuff, some of it made it in, some didn’t. I cleaned up Bob and gave him a decent texture this time around, just like the girl. Other things you will find in this reel are my version of Link, even though he’s not actually finished yet, and a remake of my old pixar spoof animation. I wanted to clean the animation up a little, but instead ended up just redoing the whole thing with the new rig. It’s still not perfect, but last time it took me about a week to finish it. This time, it took just a few hours.¬† Have a look!

If you like the reel or have any C&C, please, do drop a comment.

youtube: link

vimeo: link

On a side note, I think I’ll be updating the gallery soon as well. There’s a bunch of new stuff piling up.


Not worthy to make a new post for, but I’ve made a new animation last afternoon, it’s about stickman doing a silly dance to a song. It’s a tiny bit out of sync, but still funny.

The artist’s name is Vincent Bernay aka Oursvince. The song is called “Feel the beast” and is released under Creative commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported. His website can be found here:

Youtube: link

Vimeo: link