New character, to test my new rig. It is simple, yet versatile. A bit like stickman, only for blender 2.56, and more features. There are still some bugs that I have to sort out, but there are some bugs in the latest blender version that prevent me from fixing it. The good news is it’s known in blender’s bug tracker, the bad news is no one has time to fix it yet. Not really that important, I have other stuff I have to focus on again. I’ll continue on this as soon as the current armature/roll bugs for edit/pose mode are fixed.

It’s current features are:

– sidebar UI.
– sliders are context sensitive, and only appear when relevant bones (such as limbs) are selected
– FK/IK switches
– Hinges
– Knee and elbow slides
– Stretch
– Bendy/straight limbs and spine.
– Bone layers.
– A LOT of control, with little controls. I try to stuff as much control in every single bone as possible.
– a separate set of bone layers for easier editing and refitting the rig to a new character.

So, images and a video (more after “Read the rest of this entry”):

Kick it!

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New rig project

I haven’t posted anything in a while, which is mostly because I have been busy with work/family/other hobbies/blahblah. But I’ve also been working on this:

I have broken open my previous lowpoly rig, and started to rebuild it. I have a kickass rig which is basically ready to use, and has loads of features, while still being KISS… If you like how stickman, Audine and some of the newer blender 2.5 rigs that are floating on the interwebs handle, you are going to LOVE this… 🙂

I could show some images, but I rather wait until the complete rig with animations and characters are, well…. finished…

But I can show the characters I have been modeling to try the new rig with. It is supposed to be really easy to transfer… So I need lots of characters for it to handle. I have modeled 3 new characters for the rig (4 if you count newfella, which uses the old rig) and adjusted proportions and such on 2 old characters I made earlier.

So now I have  2 generic male meshes, 2 generic female meshes, 1 toony character and the newfella character. I’ll refit newfella with the new rig. I actually want to create 2 more characters, and do some sculpting somewhere along the road, but I don’t know if I’ll go that far. The characters are just eyecandy for the rig, after all.

I have to redo the face rig, but I have a clear idea of how to build it. If it works as I hope it does, it will make it much easier to open and close eyes without eyelids intersecting all the time, for example… I have to wait and see, but I think it should behave quite nicely.

I don’t have a lot of time to work on this, so it will probably be done after blender 2.55 is released.

Here are some character images (more after “read the rest of this entry”):

This is how I model my characters

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Got pants?

I do now. Bought a pair in Germany. And it’s also relevant to a new project thingy I’m working on. I’m not that interested in CG lately, but whatever…

It’s gonna be a new character, a default generic one maybe. And I may end up using it for another project, not related to CG. Not sure if I’ll release this one like my other rigs… tbh, I don’t think so.






not enough to justify a new post, but I figured it’d go well here. I wanted something a little more toony, so I made a new head. Might make a body to go with it, or do another head untill I have a toon head I really like.


Blendie reloaded again. wanna get it done.

And the rig is, actually. I’m pretty sure it’s finished, tried a new colorscheme for the controls, leftside/rightside/center. But didn’t like it, so I went back to main/secondary/FK. I’ve fixed a small bug that would’ve caused the elbow and knee joints to not have the right orientation when both the sliders for stretch and FK where enabled. And I started the test animation. I have about 17 seconds of blendie (I’ll rename him when I release him) making his way through a parkours. So far the rig works really great.

Since yesterday, I really wanna get stuff done. And I want it done yesterday. I hope this won’t take long. I’m not gonna cut ends just to get there though. Animation>potential bugfixes>documentation>release.


And the 2 different color schemes, the one on the right made the cut. Maybe if some people scream hard enough I’ll still change it:

Blendie REdesignANDrig04


not enough material to justify a new post, but I wanted to post it anyway. Spend most time outside today, but I finished a walljump and he’s starting to run towards another obstacle. Backflip image just for the heck of it:


Blendie reloaded.

Some time ago, a guy named der|kunstler created a character rig for blender, named Blendie.

here’s a link to the release thread.

It was a funny character, but there were a lot of issues with both the model and the rig. The character model was composed of various objects with random scale, rotation, location values and object centers(pivot points). The rig, aside from having cyclic dependancies and a number of bugs, also suffered from the weird origin issue. You could not reset (clear) the user transformations without the character and/or rig jumping all over the place.

There was a thread over at blenderartists about rigging techniques that made me look the character up again. And I’ve been recreating the character and made a completely new rig to suit it. I have the original creator’s permission, and I’ll release him under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported  link. The rig itself is done, but I like to create a small animation and write some documentation before I release him.

So coming soon: Blendie reloaded!

Blendie REdesignANDrig03

Blendie REdesignANDrig01

Demoreel thingy

Okay, I’ve been collecting some of my work, and I made a demoreel out of it. Twas fun to dig through the old stuff, some of it made it in, some didn’t. I cleaned up Bob and gave him a decent texture this time around, just like the girl. Other things you will find in this reel are my version of Link, even though he’s not actually finished yet, and a remake of my old pixar spoof animation. I wanted to clean the animation up a little, but instead ended up just redoing the whole thing with the new rig. It’s still not perfect, but last time it took me about a week to finish it. This time, it took just a few hours.  Have a look!

If you like the reel or have any C&C, please, do drop a comment.

youtube: link

vimeo: link

On a side note, I think I’ll be updating the gallery soon as well. There’s a bunch of new stuff piling up.


Not worthy to make a new post for, but I’ve made a new animation last afternoon, it’s about stickman doing a silly dance to a song. It’s a tiny bit out of sync, but still funny.

The artist’s name is Vincent Bernay aka Oursvince. The song is called “Feel the beast” and is released under Creative commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported. His website can be found here:

Youtube: link

Vimeo: link

girl material tests

It’s been a while since I’ve done anything with this project, but I did some material tests today. I tweaked the color maps, to elimate seams, and made bump and specular maps for the face and body.

Tweaked some other settings, and here are the new test results. Not perfect, but much better I guess.

EDIT: small update, tweaked the bump and spec maps for the face, and the bump settings. Last render has been replaced with a new one.




New rig, MTI_mammut

Well he’s finished. This time around, it’s fully open source.

To be precise, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

Creative Commons License

Go download him in the download area.


He was made for Hamunaptra at the blenderartist forums. Links to his sites are in the previous mammut post, but I’ll repeat them here. link and link.

MTI_stickman and devilman released!

Finally. I’ve been testing this one extensively for quite some time, and I’ve had a lot of problems getting the manual in a small enough pdf and still look nice. Just the manual was remade about a dozen times in a few different programs alone.

But here they are, MTI_stickmanV3 and MTI_devilmanV3. Pretty much a complete remake, a much cleaner rig, more flexibility, more control, same ease of use. The rig is pretty straightforward, but for people new to blender, or just to be sure, I’m making a habit of including a small manual nowadays. Small enough to read through in a few minutes, but still covering everything that needs to be covered.


The rigs can be found in the download section. Be sure to also check the movies on youtube, I’ve posted them a few posts earlier.

Or direct links, here and here.