Little fella reboot: MTI_littlefella

A week or two ago I suddenly had someone asking questions about little_fella. It had been a LONG time since I’ve had questions about him, and the rig is so outdated it was tricky for me to give good advice, because I changed a few things about the way I rig nowadays. So I decided to redo him, for good old blender 2.49b. Reason I’m not going for 2.5 is that I am still working on my MTI_biped rig, which is by far superior to this one. Still it is a good and solid rig. And it was useful for testing a new idea I had for the facial rig. For MTI_biped it might need some tweaking, but still, it works nicely :D.

Again, just like MTI_biped/blockman, if you like my stickman character rig, you will love this MTI_littlefella rig. It handles like stickman and it has hands, feet and a facial rig. You can think of it as a MTI_biped_very_light. It also comes with a manual which is useful if you are new to blender.

The license is a bit different this time. It’s the same as stickman, character and rig free for your own non-commercial projects, for commercial stuff please contact me.

Download him at the download page here.

MTI_littlefella, fresh rig for good old blender 2.49b.

The old version, made on blender 2.44/2.45.

And the new version. Made in blender 2.49b.

I also did a few other doodles in between, you can see them after the “Read the rest of this entry” link.

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Clothes and props

The lighting is pretty bad, didn’t bother too much with that yet, but I started to make a number of outfits for him. I might have one or two more planned, but… o well, images (more after the “Read the rest of this entry” tag):

"I still be nekkid here, an I like it."

Muay Thai. Arms should be higher for a correct stance.

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That is this little guy’s name for now. Someone asked me to come up with something, so I started and it ended up becoming this new character rig. It reminds me of little_fella, so I called him newfella. His rig is a spin-off, or fork from my other project: lowpoly character.

"Hello world! My name (for now) is newfella"

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Blendie reloaded again. wanna get it done.

And the rig is, actually. I’m pretty sure it’s finished, tried a new colorscheme for the controls, leftside/rightside/center. But didn’t like it, so I went back to main/secondary/FK. I’ve fixed a small bug that would’ve caused the elbow and knee joints to not have the right orientation when both the sliders for stretch and FK where enabled. And I started the test animation. I have about 17 seconds of blendie (I’ll rename him when I release him) making his way through a parkours. So far the rig works really great.

Since yesterday, I really wanna get stuff done. And I want it done yesterday. I hope this won’t take long. I’m not gonna cut ends just to get there though. Animation>potential bugfixes>documentation>release.


And the 2 different color schemes, the one on the right made the cut. Maybe if some people scream hard enough I’ll still change it:

Blendie REdesignANDrig04


not enough material to justify a new post, but I wanted to post it anyway. Spend most time outside today, but I finished a walljump and he’s starting to run towards another obstacle. Backflip image just for the heck of it:


Blendie reloaded.

Some time ago, a guy named der|kunstler created a character rig for blender, named Blendie.

here’s a link to the release thread.

It was a funny character, but there were a lot of issues with both the model and the rig. The character model was composed of various objects with random scale, rotation, location values and object centers(pivot points). The rig, aside from having cyclic dependancies and a number of bugs, also suffered from the weird origin issue. You could not reset (clear) the user transformations without the character and/or rig jumping all over the place.

There was a thread over at blenderartists about rigging techniques that made me look the character up again. And I’ve been recreating the character and made a completely new rig to suit it. I have the original creator’s permission, and I’ll release him under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported¬† link. The rig itself is done, but I like to create a small animation and write some documentation before I release him.

So coming soon: Blendie reloaded!

Blendie REdesignANDrig03

Blendie REdesignANDrig01

FEDB’s new character

A fellow blender artist asked me a while ago if he could use my little_fella rig and use it for his own new character.

This fellow artist was FEDB, from maid san and samurai fame. Ow and he also did the mascot for the blender meeting at Nagoya.

Needless to say, this guy knows his stuff. He’s been holding a blog where he describes the steps he takes as he’s creating his new model. It’s abit of an aztek like indian anime girl.

She looks kinda sweet and very well modeled. Lots of little props, and the skull on top of her head has the same facial expressions she has.

His blog can be found here. It’s in japanese but you can follow along with the pictures if you can’t read japanese. And both little_fella and Audine make an appearance too!

From the mails I’ve exchanged, he also seems like a really down-to-earth guy, so go ahead and give the guy some credit!