Basemesh for sculpting

It has been a while since I posted anything on my blog. Different reasons for that. Funny enough, the reason I am posting now is because I am sick and need to rest a lot. And being at home taking things easy, I’ve started to do a little bit of blending again… I fiddled with my rig, where I am currently stuck with the script for the user interface…

And I’ve made a few sculptures. I think I have a nice basemesh for a full body, so I am releasing it here. I’m licensing it as Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported. Basically this means you can do anything you want with it, including making money, as long as you don’t claim you created the original mesh and bother other people who also use it.

Since I like to make some kind of splash image for my stuff, here it is:

Get it here or head on over to the download page.

And some Work in Progress sculptures after the “Read the rest of this entry” link:

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A break

I’ve been doing some truck driving again, one can always fall back to truck driving for an income. And I’m doing  some stuff around the house. Weather is just too good to keep sitting indoors…

But anyway, I wanted to take a small break from the pretty girl project, so I’ve started a new character mesh. The topology is inspired from Adrian Cher’s spiderman topology. He doesn’t seem all that concerned with tris, quads, or overly complex topology. He seems to go for a very efficient middle road, looking at deformations and bumps and creases in the joints. It seems to work very nice on his spiderman model link (the link is old, but that doesn’t mean the material is outdated).  I wanted to see how it would work on a model of mine. It will have a head with the same kind of topo I’ve done on the girl project. When I get to unwrapping, I’m going back to that project as well.

…. Actually, i have a few more small projects I like to start on, just for the heck of it…. we’ll see….


And an image with some other WIP/reference stuff lined up: