What’s been happening lately?

Right now I’m in Phuket. I’m sitting in a room I’m renting for a month while trying to find a job here. It’s been a whirlwind of driving round different companies with a friend who lives here, but right now I’m taking it easy. Last post I mentioned that my laptop got stolen, on the nightbus from Medan to Bandah Aceh to be precise… Don’t get any doom ideas about Indonesia being a terrible place, far from it. Most people I mention (or mentionED, since I’m no longer there) are rather ashamed that it happened in their country.

It still sucks off course and I lost a LOT of work, photos etc, but at least I have some screenshots of the 3D stuff on facebook. Whenever I’m in a new place and I’m working on something and I show people they go oooh, aaah and wow. For the people who are a bit into 3D, my work is not so special, but still, I like it and I’ll keep doing it. Just not with the same enthusiasm as a few years ago. There’s just too much else to do out there 🙂

I wanted to update my blog with some “new” images. The ones I’ll post here are mostly from wok that has been stolen, so I don’t have the files anymore. Maybe next post I’ll update it with NEW things of which I DO have the files.

Get ready for a lot of images:

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New rig project

I haven’t posted anything in a while, which is mostly because I have been busy with work/family/other hobbies/blahblah. But I’ve also been working on this:

I have broken open my previous lowpoly rig, and started to rebuild it. I have a kickass rig which is basically ready to use, and has loads of features, while still being KISS… If you like how stickman, Audine and some of the newer blender 2.5 rigs that are floating on the interwebs handle, you are going to LOVE this… 🙂

I could show some images, but I rather wait until the complete rig with animations and characters are, well…. finished…

But I can show the characters I have been modeling to try the new rig with. It is supposed to be really easy to transfer… So I need lots of characters for it to handle. I have modeled 3 new characters for the rig (4 if you count newfella, which uses the old rig) and adjusted proportions and such on 2 old characters I made earlier.

So now I have  2 generic male meshes, 2 generic female meshes, 1 toony character and the newfella character. I’ll refit newfella with the new rig. I actually want to create 2 more characters, and do some sculpting somewhere along the road, but I don’t know if I’ll go that far. The characters are just eyecandy for the rig, after all.

I have to redo the face rig, but I have a clear idea of how to build it. If it works as I hope it does, it will make it much easier to open and close eyes without eyelids intersecting all the time, for example… I have to wait and see, but I think it should behave quite nicely.

I don’t have a lot of time to work on this, so it will probably be done after blender 2.55 is released.

Here are some character images (more after “read the rest of this entry”):

This is how I model my characters

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FEDB’s new character

A fellow blender artist asked me a while ago if he could use my little_fella rig and use it for his own new character.

This fellow artist was FEDB, from maid san and samurai fame. Ow and he also did the mascot for the blender meeting at Nagoya.

Needless to say, this guy knows his stuff. He’s been holding a blog where he describes the steps he takes as he’s creating his new model. It’s abit of an aztek like indian anime girl.

She looks kinda sweet and very well modeled. Lots of little props, and the skull on top of her head has the same facial expressions she has.

His blog can be found here. It’s in japanese but you can follow along with the pictures if you can’t read japanese. And both little_fella and Audine make an appearance too!

From the mails I’ve exchanged, he also seems like a really down-to-earth guy, so go ahead and give the guy some credit!

Another project: pretty girl

Another project, it’s a bit early to start posting stuff because sooo much is prone to change in it. (obviously, it’s only the torso which is starting to look half-decent now, and the topology is bound to change quite a number of times)




It’s quite experimental, because I’m usually more of a poly-by-poly modeling guy, but the tutorials i’m following are more of a boxmodeling approach. So I end up using a bit of a hybrid method. Funky…

buggies and fixies…

A bit of a disappointing day today, well yesterday quite late actually.

I thought I had stickman and devilman finished and ready to go. I was well on the way with the manual I’ve been writing (more of a quickstart really)…. That’s when I found a bug… It wasn’t really a bug, but rather something unintuitive, so I had to redesign it….

Good news is, I got home and think I fixed it. bad news is, I’m not sure yet, have to doublecheck again and do more tests…

More good news is that it didn’t require any additional bones (it will require one more widget, no big deal) but quite a number of reshuffling structures and redoing constraints. I hope I don’t find any more bugs….

Did I mention I really like how this rig is turning out 🙂 :D? At the one hand it’s as simple as you can possibly get it, on the other hand it’s as versatile and complete as you could possibly want. A newbie can pick it up and use it, and so can a more seasoned animator… At least, that’s what I’m hoping/aiming for.

No new pictures from stickman, instead I’m posting an older render of Bob, the one I submitted to the “blending life” contest:

Bob, blending life entry

Bob, "blending life" entry

And beneath the “read more” link are a few more deformation and WIP tests:

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