Clothes and props

The lighting is pretty bad, didn’t bother too much with that yet, but I started to make a number of outfits for him. I might have one or two more planned, but… o well, images (more after the “Read the rest of this entry” tag):

"I still be nekkid here, an I like it."

Muay Thai. Arms should be higher for a correct stance.

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Report from Sicily

So, last month I went to Sicily for a holiday/volunteer work. Here’s a little report:

After a few hours driving to the airport in Germany, and a flight of a few hours to Trapani, Sanne (the other volunteer on the same plane) and I are waiting for the bus to take us to Palermo. And from Palermo we would take a bus that would take us to the other part of the island, to Catania. The project we volunteered for was close to Catania, in a place called Biancavilla, but the cheapest flight was arriving on the other side of the island, meaning we’d have to take a few buses and travel a day to get to where we were supposed to be. With a few hours to wait between buses.  Quite original, and fun to do once or twice. After all, I can say that I’ve “crossed the island”, but next time, I’ll just take a ticket that costs a little bit more and flies straight to Catania 😛

So arriving at Catania airport by bus, Sanne and I wait for the guy from the project to come pick us up. This guy’s name is Rocco Pennisi, and he’s the son of the people who run the project. Basically, it’s a family living in the countryside that do volunteer work and do a lot for the local community. They have a volunteer organization: “Casa di Maria” (Maria’s house) and a commercial organization: “Vino di Cana, Turismo rurale” to support themselves.

Rocco drives us to Biancavilla where we meet the family and the rest of the volunteers.

The volunteers, no group photo with just the family, sorry.

For the rest and a LOT more photos, click the “Read the rest of this entry” link.

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Got pants?

I do now. Bought a pair in Germany. And it’s also relevant to a new project thingy I’m working on. I’m not that interested in CG lately, but whatever…

It’s gonna be a new character, a default generic one maybe. And I may end up using it for another project, not related to CG. Not sure if I’ll release this one like my other rigs… tbh, I don’t think so.






not enough to justify a new post, but I figured it’d go well here. I wanted something a little more toony, so I made a new head. Might make a body to go with it, or do another head untill I have a toon head I really like.


Back from wing tsjun summer camp in Germany

So I’m back from the summer camp in Germany. Which was really cool (though I still couldn’t stop thinking about bulgaria either)

It was a camp organised by wing tsjun international, by Sifu Thommy Luke Boehlig.

I’m rather a novice with wing tsjun, but what I saw and practised there was very cool. It’s definitly there to stay…

There are a bunch of photo’s under the “read the rest of this entry” link.

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Kyusho seminar with Asa Seeley.

And I finally have acces to the groupphoto from the kyusho seminar 2009 with Asa Seeley. I have some other photo’s of my own, but I just got back from a truly utmost amazing holiday/workcamp in Bulgaria, and they just don’t seem to matter much. Expect a post with lots of images from Bulgaria soon.

Still, here’s the groupphoto from the seminar, because I wanted to have it posted here, be it a little late 😛


Wing Tsjun seminar

Last weekend there was a seminar about Wing tsjun not to far from where I live, so I asked if it would be okay if I participated. And it was.

This seminar was giving by Si-Fu Thommy L. Boehlig. It was the first time I ever practiced Wing tsjun, and man, it was different! I mean, I like ju jutsu, tae-kwondo, judo, and kyusho jutsu. but this is just so radically different. There’s things in tae-kwondo you find in ju jutsu, and I’ve heard, karate as well, like the blocks and/or kicks, and then you kind of do it completely different in wing tsjun. It was quite hard to adapt to that. But fun… I got a trial membership for a month, if the price is not too steep, I think it’s here to stay.

And before I forget it, here’s a link to their website.

groupphoto (not the sharpest):



Introduction seminar Kyusho Utrecht

So our teacher went to Utrecht to Action Kenpo Karate Utrecht, to hold an introduction seminar, and we went along with him. It’s been fun. We drove there with two cars. One had his family and they went shopping at the nearest IKEA, while we drove onwards to Utrecht.

There was a small group, but there was plenty of interest and focus. I got a number of wrist points refreshed, ones that I’ve never been able to get working to well, and they kinda clicked into place there. Small intestine 5 and 6, and lung 7 and 8, I think… Which was cool. Did some armpoints like Pericardium 2 and 3, and large intestine 10. headpoints like the mental nerve (love that point) and stomach 5. Galblatter 20 for the revivals, and a few other points here and there.

And since most of us have a camera nowadays, groupphoto at the end:

Seminar in Utrecht

Seminar in Utrecht