What’s been happening lately?

Right now I’m in Phuket. I’m sitting in a room I’m renting for a month while trying to find a job here. It’s been a whirlwind of driving round different companies with a friend who lives here, but right now I’m taking it easy. Last post I mentioned that my laptop got stolen, on the nightbus from Medan to Bandah Aceh to be precise… Don’t get any doom ideas about Indonesia being a terrible place, far from it. Most people I mention (or mentionED, since I’m no longer there) are rather ashamed that it happened in their country.

It still sucks off course and I lost a LOT of work, photos etc, but at least I have some screenshots of the 3D stuff on facebook. Whenever I’m in a new place and I’m working on something and I show people they go oooh, aaah and wow. For the people who are a bit into 3D, my work is not so special, but still, I like it and I’ll keep doing it. Just not with the same enthusiasm as a few years ago. There’s just too much else to do out there πŸ™‚

I wanted to update my blog with some “new” images. The ones I’ll post here are mostly from wok that has been stolen, so I don’t have the files anymore. Maybe next post I’ll update it with NEW things of which I DO have the files.

Get ready for a lot of images:


First dyntopo test, just to get back into it.


Trying the skin modifier + dyntopo. It gives cool results and fast.


More skin modifier fun. Rigged it with the latest version of my rig. and YES!! This rig was stolen and is gone… 😦


Another skinmod character quickly rigged with the last and-now-lost-and-gone version of my rig.


Turning a skinmod character into a real character. I started this around the Halloween contests that were starting to appear here and there.


And a close up of the hand.


Made a fake laptop to try out product visualization.


And here’s a quick cycles setup with my desktop at the time.


Progress on the body


Basic human skinmod character rigged. As before, with my rig that I no longer have 😦 Fuck that still hurts…


A quick drawing in Mypaint. I really like that program.


After finishing the body, started retopo on the face.


Aother rigged skinmod character.


Remember the alien/martian I did a long time ago? I retopoed it, baked a normal map from the old sculpture and gave it the same rig as an early version of MTI newfella.


Another version of the scarecrow. I wanted something scarier.


And another one, nope still cute.


Another mypaint doodle.


Skinmod Centaur.


Scarecrow basemesh rigged… Really stings that I don’t have this character anymore.


Skinmod skinny human.


The first real skinmod character I did… well, an early draft anyway.


Windwaker zombie style skinmod character.


Skinny skinmod character rigged.


And the finished sculpture of the scarecrow character…. Man I’m pissed off that I don’t have this file anymore.


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