Removed the files to stickman

For certain reasons I’ m not going to mention here now, I’ve removed the file for stickman and devilman.

If you still have the file: good for you. You can use it for personal, BUT NOT for commercial use.

If you don’t have the file: well… too bad.

Recently, my bag with laptop, hard disk, etc and all my work for the last 2 years was stolen, including a LOT of stuff I haven’t posted here. I’m working on a few new projects to get me in a bit of a happier mood again, and I might actually upload that old version of blockman I used to have lying around… If I still have the backup somewhere… Rig is quite outdated by now, still handles nice, but I have a better one, and I HAD!!! a much better one that was stolen. Bloody morons probably won’t know what to do with it…

Happy mode not working so well right now.


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