New character, to test my new rig. It is simple, yet versatile. A bit like stickman, only for blender 2.56, and more features. There are still some bugs that I have to sort out, but there are some bugs in the latest blender version that prevent me from fixing it. The good news is it’s known in blender’s bug tracker, the bad news is no one has time to fix it yet. Not really that important, I have other stuff I have to focus on again. I’ll continue on this as soon as the current armature/roll bugs for edit/pose mode are fixed.

It’s current features are:

– sidebar UI.
– sliders are context sensitive, and only appear when relevant bones (such as limbs) are selected
– FK/IK switches
– Hinges
– Knee and elbow slides
– Stretch
– Bendy/straight limbs and spine.
– Bone layers.
– A LOT of control, with little controls. I try to stuff as much control in every single bone as possible.
– a separate set of bone layers for easier editing and refitting the rig to a new character.

So, images and a video (more after “Read the rest of this entry”):

Kick it!

Some sliders, and all the controls.


Crouching with bendy limbs.



4 thoughts on “MTI_Blockman

  1. Thank you, I fixed some bugs since then, but you need a new build to use it, and the newest builds have broken the rig menu again… so I have some things to fix 😦

  2. Yes, that is the whole point 🙂
    The character is MTI_blockman, and it is powered by MTI_biped. lowpoly girl and newfella use (different versions of) the same rig. It’s not a fully automated process, but if you have some basic rigging experience, it is fairly easy.
    Incidentally, fixing some bugs with the twist bones gave some extra control for how the limbs twist, which you can’t see in this video.

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