That is this little guy’s name for now. Someone asked me to come up with something, so I started and it ended up becoming this new character rig. It reminds me of little_fella, so I called him newfella. His rig is a spin-off, or fork from my other project: lowpoly character.

"Hello world! My name (for now) is newfella"

T pose with the rig almost positioned

Posing in the 3D viewport

Let's Boogie!


10 thoughts on “MTI_newfella

  1. Hey man, u r pretty good with blender! I’ve been checking out your stuff and I gotta say I’m impressed. I’ve had blender for about a year now but am still not very good at animation. Could you give me some tips or something? Also, I reallyreallyreallyreallyreally want newfella! Can I download it somewhere?

  2. Sorry guys, I haven’t decided if I’ll share this rig like the other ones. I might, but I’m working on something big now. I want to have that finished first. newfella has a bug in the eyes, they don’t close completely without intersecting and I’m not going to fix that anytime soon.
    If you want to learn about animation grab the “character animation in blender” DVD and buy the book: animator’s survival kit. And look at the animation mentor’s webinars, read up on stuff, blahblahblah, and practise. (…. why the hell does every spelling checker mark “practise” as incorrect?!? practise is the verb, practice is the noun!!!)

    • *sigh* I be saddened. Please decide soon? I have one more question tho, how do you make clothes that don’t go through the body? When I try making clothes, It never deforms right.

    • Well, sorry… Can’t help that. I have a vastly updated version of the rig, newfella has not been updated to use it yet. But I will replace his rig with the new one once it’s finished. It will give hem new features, and I hope it will solve the eye intersection problems as well.
      About the clothes, the elbows DO intersect, I cheated in these poses, and just applied the armature. I made those poses to be solid meshes for a potential employer. The pants and the shirts also intersect, but a lot less, you can easily pose the rig in a lot of ways without (noticable) intersections. The trick to creating these clothes was to just duplicate the body and “fatten them out” (alt+S) If you look at a lot of clothed and rigged characters, you will find that the body is deleted under the part where there are clothes.

  3. Oh my god!
    This character is just painfully adorable (gay as it may sound coming from a guy)!!!
    Its like the minion things from ‘Despicable Me’ only cuter!

    Its been a while since you updated the rig-hungry crowd on this man! Have u considered whether to give this out to us poor klutzes which cant animate for shit?
    (I have been ‘studying’ blender for a while but woe is me, I am just not artistic. It would seem my brain is more on the praactical, mathematical and programming side)

    Please let me know 😀

    Thanks a lot!

  4. Hey Adam, thanks. Actually I am still working on the rig. Once I fix the bugs in blockman (twisty bones are a pain to get right) I will port him to newfella. But it won’t be before 2.57.

    • Hey 🙂
      Any news on the new fella?

      Im trying to learn game programming with Panda3D and I need some character to play around and this little guy would be perfect for what I have in mind. However if you think it may still be a couple months to go then I will use the stickman

      Plz lemme know


      • Hey Adam,
        You’re better off using stickman… working on another surprise (read, character rig :P) that might arrive a lot earlier, but newfella won’t be done for a while. I have too much stuff to finish before I can even continue on him.

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