Lowpoly generic character

Not planning on getting all back into 3D again, but still, I don’t wanna get too rusty… So I started a new low poly character, inspired by PXstriker’s movies on youtube. He has some nice tutorials.

I wanted a different kind of head, so there would be room for facial expressions, and I don’t stick to his knees/elbows method.

Look it's Samus Aran...

default mesh

the huntress in iron clad...

Altering some proportions

A dog and his bones

Most of the bones in exploded view


2 thoughts on “Lowpoly generic character

  1. Do you sell any of your models for animating? I’m an animator and I’m looking for a martial artist character (generic box model is fine), woman and young boy (rigged) 3D models for test animations. If so and the format is for Maya then send me a price

    • Hey, sorry for taking so long to reply. I don’t mind selling some of my rigs/models, but unfortunately the one you are interested in is not for maya. They are blender specific rigs.

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