White Nelb

Yes that’s right, White Nelb.

Blendie reloaded isn’t much of a name, and I liked White Nelb, so that’s what I’m gonna call him. It’s a tribute/spinoff from Daniel Martinez Lara’s “Red Nelb” character for blender (link). The head looks kinda alike, and I liked the idea of there being more than one Nelb.

I’ve kinda finished the test animation. No real bugs found, but I did rotate and roll a few bones because I think their axis make more sense that way… Going to create the manual next, even though it doesn’t really need one.

Have a look, hope you like im, and he’ll be coming to a town near you in the next few days… Well kinda…without the town thing…

youtube: link

vimeo: link


5 thoughts on “White Nelb

  1. Nice character and animation!

    But in a previous post you said this was originally made by some “kunstler” dude, but here http://ernestomendez.wordpress.com/2009/03/03/blendie/ this guy apparently says he made it because the licence says “Based on a work at ernestomendez.wordpress.com.” Do you know what happened? Btw, the page at the other end of that link is portugeezy I think, can’t read it. πŸ˜‰

  2. Yes I know what happened. I stated before that this kunstler dude once made a funny character, with a messy rig and character model. That is the file you are linking to. Der|kunstler is Ernesto Mendez.

    I recently looked up the file (which was still on my HD, I couldn’t find it on his blog), and intended to do a few cleanups. But I soon found it was very messy, and easier to just start anew. The old rig had a lot of bugs that made animating with it very akward and buggy. Try to clear the user transform on the original blendie for instance, or reset the loc/rot/scale values for all the objects that form blendie, things will jump all over the place. And there appeared to be refresh issues and/or cyclic dependancies in the rig.

    So I scrapped everything save for the location of the limbs, spine pieces, and head, and I rebuild the character mesh. I altered some things I didn’t like in the process.
    Then I changed the scale of the character to be aligned with the scale of MTI_stickman.
    Then I took another rig I build before. ( somewhere inbetween MTI_Audine and MTI_mammut, 2 of my other released rigs) and started to refit that rig to the new “blendie REloaded” character.

    SO der|kunstler made the original version, Blendie.
    And I made the new version, White Nelb. The character looks very similar because it is a remake.

    But there are some differences in the proportions, and my version has more joints, like shoulders, hips, ankles and hands/wrists. And the new rig I made for it is a lot better.

    I showed my new version to the creator of the original blendie, and he loved it. I got his permission to release it, so I am releasing this remake as White Nelb.

    ps. Basically, the documentation/manual is also done, but I haven’t got a decent front and backpage yet. And I’ve been dying to get inspiration for a decent one the last few days…. If you have any ideas, it’d help get the file out there faster πŸ™‚

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