Blendie reloaded again. wanna get it done.

And the rig is, actually. I’m pretty sure it’s finished, tried a new colorscheme for the controls, leftside/rightside/center. But didn’t like it, so I went back to main/secondary/FK. I’ve fixed a small bug that would’ve caused the elbow and knee joints to not have the right orientation when both the sliders for stretch and FK where enabled. And I started the test animation. I have about 17 seconds of blendie (I’ll rename him when I release him) making his way through a parkours. So far the rig works really great.

Since yesterday, I really wanna get stuff done. And I want it done yesterday. I hope this won’t take long. I’m not gonna cut ends just to get there though. Animation>potential bugfixes>documentation>release.


And the 2 different color schemes, the one on the right made the cut. Maybe if some people scream hard enough I’ll still change it:

Blendie REdesignANDrig04


not enough material to justify a new post, but I wanted to post it anyway. Spend most time outside today, but I finished a walljump and he’s starting to run towards another obstacle. Backflip image just for the heck of it:



2 thoughts on “Blendie reloaded again. wanna get it done.

  1. thanks, I’m just waiting for inspiration for the manual cover right now. Can’t get a get idea or a decent render the last few days :(… rest is all done…

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