Blendie reloaded.

Some time ago, a guy named der|kunstler created a character rig for blender, named Blendie.

here’s a link to the release thread.

It was a funny character, but there were a lot of issues with both the model and the rig. The character model was composed of various objects with random scale, rotation, location values and object centers(pivot points). The rig, aside from having cyclic dependancies and a number of bugs, also suffered from the weird origin issue. You could not reset (clear) the user transformations without the character and/or rig jumping all over the place.

There was a thread over at blenderartists about rigging techniques that made me look the character up again. And I’ve been recreating the character and made a completely new rig to suit it. I have the original creator’s permission, and I’ll release him under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported  link. The rig itself is done, but I like to create a small animation and write some documentation before I release him.

So coming soon: Blendie reloaded!

Blendie REdesignANDrig03

Blendie REdesignANDrig01


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