And the road takes another victim.

About a year ago, my cat Siam was found dead at my backdoor. She had apparently been hit by a car and dragged herself back there, where she died… I cared about that cat more than I care for any random human.

My neighbours moved to another country a couple of months ago, and their cat had been a regular in my house for quite some time, she was extremely fond of me. So I was to be her new owner.

If i sat behind the computer she would crouch up my shoulders and fall asleep there, if I opened the door she’d come running before I called her name, if I took a step left she followed, dito if I took a step right. Much like Siam.

I hadn’t seen her in over a week, and neither had the neighbours. I put a missing sign up at the local grocery, and put missing ads on the local community website.

Today, I found her, lying in a bush close to a wall. She has probably been hit by a car and staggered to find a safe place… This probably happened when she didn’t show up anymore…. I’ll miss her.



2 thoughts on “And the road takes another victim.

  1. thanks…
    I really, really hate it…
    it’s not even such a crowded road here…
    I find myself still looking over when I get home to see if she comes running…

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