“Look it’s an elephant”

“No…. It’s a mammoth, kinda…”

Here’s a little something I’ve been working on for someone since last week. It’s for a WOW clan. link and link.

wollige mammut WIP17

wollige mammut WIP20

wollige mammut WIP21


Some updates not worthy of a new post. Facial rig is done, Just need to unwrap the eyes and link them to the eyebones. Teeth are done, UW map for the mammut is done, basically, rigging is more or less done. BOOYAH! šŸ˜›

wollige mammut WIP23

wollige mammut WIP24


2 thoughts on ““Look it’s an elephant”

  1. thanks. It’s a bit of an experiment really. The green bones I mean, they should be some sort of muscle bones, they’re not as well tweaked as they could be. Not enough time for that. The underlying basic structure is kind of an evolution of the Audine rig, and it’s really solid :)…

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