logo’s, trucks and vector’s

Last few posts have been focussing on some vector stuff. There’s a reason for that. There are a few potential employers that like to see more of that kind of work, and because I’ve been wanting to get into inkscape anyway.

Today, a quick logo for my website, or something, a fake logo with a traced and cleaned image from a truck, and a 3D render of a weird trucklogo. There’s X number of trucklogo’s out there that have an image of a truck like this, with the companies name next to it. So while it’s not the best idea for a logo (plus there might be legal issues, it’s pretty obvious what kind of truck it is), it was a good idea to recreate it for practise anyway. The render is for a friend of mine, just for laughs, unless he actually likes it, then he can have it. Gonna start on a new character rig for someone else now.




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