Just my luck

Had to go somewhere important tomorrow morning, just had to do a few finishing touches on a pdf file to print and burn to cd… Just my bloody luck… Open office 3 hangs…

I kill the process, everything else seems to crawl to a halt, so I do a reboot, just in case… ERROR!!!! I run the live cd to check if I can at least acces my files, no luck, the hdd can’ t be mounted for some reason. If this where an old computer it’d be smashed to bits now… Ubuntu 9.04 no points for you… I’ve been looking into how to fix it for a while now, and I haven’t found a workable solution yet.

Fortunately I just did a fresh install and backed up pretty much everything, but all the work from last week, vectors, logo’s etc is gone. Or at least on a drive that cannot be mounted….

I’m gonna get some sleep. Enough shit for now.


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