New stickman animations

I’ve been messing with my new stickman rig, well devilman actually, because he also has a tail, and I can load any actions/animations onto stickman anyway…

Rig seems stable, no bugs found.

The first movie isn’t really done, it’s about devilman escaping from a laboratory. He’ll have a few rooms left, with a bossfight in it… but I’d have to make that boss first. : P

The second movie is  screencapture about how to interact with the rig. It’s rather straightforward. Anyone can pick it up and pose him. You do have to know how to navigate the 3D space in blender, and you have to know how to get to the edit buttons in the button panel to change bone layers if you have to. But by default, that panel is already active, and the bone layers most people will use are visible. In the manual that I’m creating, I have a page explaining the navigation shortcuts, and how to effectively use them. When I release this, anyone should be able to pick it up and work with it…

And some older movies from Audine, I just hadn’t posted em here. First one is the entire parkours in sideview, second one is where the camera tags along… Not really finished, but I want to move onto new things…


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