Introduction seminar Kyusho Utrecht

So our teacher went to Utrecht to Action Kenpo Karate Utrecht, to hold an introduction seminar, and we went along with him. It’s been fun. We drove there with two cars. One had his family and they went shopping at the nearest IKEA, while we drove onwards to Utrecht.

There was a small group, but there was plenty of interest and focus. I got a number of wrist points refreshed, ones that I’ve never been able to get working to well, and they kinda clicked into place there. Small intestine 5 and 6, and lung 7 and 8, I think… Which was cool. Did some armpoints like Pericardium 2 and 3, and large intestine 10. headpoints like the mental nerve (love that point) and stomach 5. Galblatter 20 for the revivals, and a few other points here and there.

And since most of us have a camera nowadays, groupphoto at the end:

Seminar in Utrecht

Seminar in Utrecht


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