Regarding my stickman rigs, I’m pretty sure I have those bugs ironed out. Need to redo a few things on the manual blahblahblah.

But in the meantime, I want to try how he responds if I actually tried to animate something serious with it. So I started building this laboratory today, whe’re he’ll have a bit of an obstacle course. It’s bigger than anything I’ve animated before. (which doesn’t say that much) It’ll be a challenge. we love a good challenge every now and then…

The lab is more than half done, and I should have it finished shortly. Images:

lab WIP01

lab WIP01

Note, this one is as detailled as I intend to make it, or I might get stuck in the modeling before I even start with the animation. I want it all to be really simple and I’m going for a boxy/cube style…

lab WIP02

lab WIP02

that’s all for today.


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