buggies and fixies…

A bit of a disappointing day today, well yesterday quite late actually.

I thought I had stickman and devilman finished and ready to go. I was well on the way with the manual I’ve been writing (more of a quickstart really)…. That’s when I found a bug… It wasn’t really a bug, but rather something unintuitive, so I had to redesign it….

Good news is, I got home and think I fixed it. bad news is, I’m not sure yet, have to doublecheck again and do more tests…

More good news is that it didn’t require any additional bones (it will require one more widget, no big deal) but quite a number of reshuffling structures and redoing constraints. I hope I don’t find any more bugs….

Did I mention I really like how this rig is turning out 🙂 :D? At the one hand it’s as simple as you can possibly get it, on the other hand it’s as versatile and complete as you could possibly want. A newbie can pick it up and use it, and so can a more seasoned animator… At least, that’s what I’m hoping/aiming for.

No new pictures from stickman, instead I’m posting an older render of Bob, the one I submitted to the “blending life” contest:

Bob, blending life entry

Bob, "blending life" entry

And beneath the “read more” link are a few more deformation and WIP tests:

sad Bob

sad Bob

sad Bob2

sad Bob2

Bob poses

Bob poses

 quick texture and deformation test

quick texture and deformation test

altered L stance

altered "L" stance


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